Whangarei Business Womens Network

Whg Business Womens' Network

What’s the purpose of the network?

To create a vibrant, connected, and supportive business community in Whangarei to stimulate and encourage individual and business growth.

What happens at the WBWN?

Each month an event is held offering an opportunity for women in business to:

  • Connect with other businesswomen in Whangarei
  • Share business cards, flyers and a chat
  • Learn from a local woman in business – topics are relevant to creating a successful business

What makes the WBWN different from all the other networks?

There are many highly successful business networks operating in Whangarei. Many of these require a joining fee plus an annual membership fee and there’s often some form of regular attendance requirement. The WBWN is a ‘pay as you go’ option with no membership fees and no attendance requirements. As long as you pre-register for an event before the closing time, you’re on the guest list.     

Who can attend the WBWN?

Any woman in business in Whangarei is welcome to attend, whether you’re working for yourself, in a partnership or working for an employer. There’s only one rule: Pay in advance by 5.00pm, the Thursday before the event.

How do I find out about monthly events?

Events are held on the 3rd Monday of each month, February through to November each year.

To receive an event invitation each month, click here to sign up to our monthly event invitation. 

If this doesn’t work for you, contact Barbara directly, by email or by phone on 021 434 778

You’ll need to provide your name, address, contact phone number and email address and you’ll be included on the WBWN database which means you’ll receive an invitation to each monthly event.

To attend, you must respond by return email and pre-pay your attendance fee by internet banking by 5.00pm on the Thursday before the meeting.

Where can I join?  

You can sign up to receive our monthly event invitations directly to your email inbox by clicking here and filling in the form.  

What’s the cost to attend?

Details are on the monthly invitations. You can click through to our FB page here to see our pinned post for the month.

What do I get from my investment each time?

  • You’ll have the opportunity to participate in an activity that will help you connect
  • Enjoy the opportunity to converse with other women in business and exchange business cards and information
  • Promote your own business and events in person
  • Share business successes, stories, opportunities and challenges in a supportive environment
  • Learn something new from the guest speaker (a successful, Whangarei business woman)

So what’s the Red Tape?

Payment must be made in advance by 5.00pm the Thursday before the event.

Door or late registrations will not be permitted.

Refunds or cancellations are not permitted after the closing date. There’s no refunds, transfers or credits, you may however send another woman in your place.   

Tax receipts will be emailed out by the Monday of the event.

If we are required to go into lockdown at any level and face-to-face events are not permitted, the event will be transferred onto the Zoom platform at the same time.